Discover the ART of travelling with Chan's World Holidays

Chan's World Holidays is the first company-owned franchise shop of Chan Brothers Travel. The bespoke travel agency steers away from mass market tours and instead, plugs existing gaps in the current travel market by offering English-speaking package tours to Asia and China and Chinese-speaking package tours to long haul destinations, a rarity indeed among travel agencies these days.

Other offerings include Muslim tours to worldwide destinations and exclusive selection of 2-to-go package tours to Israel, Turkey, Nepal/Bhutan, India and other desinations, a definite boom for those who prefer not to wait for a confirmed departure to fly and yet want to reap the cost savings from economies of a package tour.

The unusual vacations will capture the hearts of those who love to go off the beaten track. A sampling of tours include the Arctic Circle Adventure featuring homeland of Santa Claus or a South Kazakhstan journey to view the unusual rock formations of Valley of Castles in Charyn Canyon, ideal for well-heeled travellers. Alternatively, intrepid travellers can consider a Port Arthur night ghost tour in Tasmania or perhaps even stay overnight in a dungeon.

Said Anthony Chan, group managing director of Chan Brothers Travel, “The constantly changing wants and ideals of the modern day travellers and catering to these shifting needs are not new but challenges that the industry always faces. Chan's World Holidays is a bold initiative we are undertaking, by channelling our resources to grow, renew and reinvent the core business, thereby catering to different segments of the market.”

Discover the art of travelling with Chan's World Holidays today.

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